Coaching Staff

End of contract

In 1976 Jacky Adole, who coached the U18s Crabos team, presented a guarantee of legitimacy to ensure the future of the club after Claude Blorville was nominated in Gironde.

The departure of key players during the 1976 off-season and the multitude of injuries weakened the structure of the club, who learned to fight in order to avoid the worst. Jacky brought in the National B youth and redirected his group to the fundamental values of the game and the sense of teamwork. He advocated for abnegation, generosity and high expectations, as he believed these qualities would save the club.

Jacky Adole was more of a teacher than a coach, and had an undeniable educational quality. He believed in both communication and loyalty, and was able to rally the young players’ lifeblood and channel their enthusiasm. With this in mind, he was run down by the backstage turmoil and suffered from the quarrel between the self-sufficiency advocates and the ones who promoted openness to outside strenghts.

Once the Stade was saved from relegation thanks to the Bayonnais’ victory against their Limougeauds rivals, the coach announced his resignation alongside his president Jean Tassin in April of 1980. 

(Text written by Jean-Michel Blaizeau, historian)