Coaching Staff

End of contract

No one was better than Claude Blorville to replace Arnaud Elissalde during the 1971 off-season. He was a departmental technical advisor and young certified coach to the U18s Team.

Claude, who was spiritually close to Elissalde, was quickliy able to bring balance to the team, between the old and new generation of the U18s French Champion. « Coco » Blorville was able to enforce and broaden the game all while respecting the Rochelaise School values, thanks to a subtil dose of firmness, patience, persuasion and humility.

During four seasons until his nomination as regional technical advisor in Gironde in July 1975, Claude and his men were able to play against some of the greatest : Toulon, Béziers, Dax, Mont-de-Marsan, Valence, La Voulte, Pau, Bègles, Toulouse lowered their flags when facing the Rochelais team. Coach Claude Blorville succeeded in leading his team to round-of-32 during his four years as coach !

(Text written by Jean-Michel Blaizeau, historian)