Media Day

Media Day

Thursday is the Media day of teh Club

In order to help journalists in their work and to preserve the tranquility of the players, the club has chosen to devote one full day to the media.

The principle

Every week, one day is chosen in accordance with the schedule. It will have three key moments:

  • A training session open to the press
    (Usually on the same day, but this can vary)
    11:00 am to 11:20 am (to be confirmed each week)
    Capturing images is allowed - no interviews
  • The Media Briefing
    Scheduled in accordance with the training schedule.
    In the presence of three players, a Pro staff member, a member of the U22nd staff and a U22nd player.
  • Interviews and specific requests
    The afternoon
    By appointment only, based on pre-accepted requests which must be sent by filling in this form before Monday midday

Special Conditions

Depending on the teams’ requirements (travel, weekday matches, training schedules), the Press Briefing Day can vary. In which case the club will inform journalists by email.

These briefings are dedicated to media professionals. No other requests will be considered.

For filming over several days, please fill in this form, and we will quickly get back to you.