Camera storage

Camera storage

Where should you leave your camera ?

All rights to TOP 14 matches have been exclusively accorded to Canal +, no other press camera is allowed in the Stadium.

Where should you leave your camera ?

The press room serves as a camera drop-off area during the game. It is under the permanent supervision and is closed during the match.

You can enter it between gate opening time and 15min before kick-off.

Attention: We invite you to strictly observe this rule, otherwise you may be refused access to the stadium.

Extracts of the LNR Regulations

3.1.1. Capturing Images of Matches

No television service, website, media, or other physical or legal person except the official broadcaster is authorized to capture animated images within the stadium (before, during or after the match) outside the Mixed Zone unless otherwise provided in these regulations or prior written approval of LNR.

4.1.1. General Principle

All non authorized media wishing to enter a stadium in order to capture general images (other than interviews in the Mixed Zone after the match), in whatsoever format, must inform the LNR beforehand and obtain its prior written authorization in compliance with the rights granted to the official broadcaster(s).

In all cases, this authorisation will not permit a non authorized media:

  • to film the teams' arrival at the stadium or in the locker rooms;
  • to film in locker rooms or corridors;
  • to film in the access tunnel;
  • to film team warm-ups;
  • to conduct interviews (outside the Mixed Zone after the match)
  • to carry out a sequence of fixed ("stand up") shots on one of its journalists within the stadium and whether they be directly or indirectly broadcast.

4.1.2. Procedure

An application for permission to film must be sent to the LNR at least 72 hours before the match concerned. This request should specify:

  • the media concerned
  • the name and contact information of the person in charge of the media concerned who will be the contact person for the LNR
  • the name and position of those for whom accreditation is being sought - the images that the non authorized media wishes to capture
  • the intended use of those images.

All filming authorization requests can be addressed the following e-mail address:

The LNR remains the sole decision-maker for granting filming authorization, in respect of the rights granted to the official broadcaster(s). Should the LNR not reply, this constitutes an application denial.