5 'Rochelais' in the French team

5 'Rochelais' in the French team

Pierre Bourgarit, Grégory Alldritt, Uini Atonio, Geoffrey Doumayrou and Dany Priso have been selected by Jacques Brunel to prepare the Six Nations Tournament.

If Uini Atonio (31 caps), Dany Priso (8 caps) and Geoffrey Doumayrou (8 caps) are use to play with the French team, Pierre Bourgarit (1 cap) come back to the French group and Grégory Alldritt is named for the first time !

Grégory Alldrit arrived in La Rochelle in 2017 from Auch and he quickly became the Captain of the U22's Team. During his first season here, he played 10 games with the Pro Team. 

This season, he already played 14 games with the Pro Team, doing great performances. 

His reaction 

"I'm very happy but I know the work I still have to do. I'm juste selected for now, but it doesn't mean I will play. I have to show what I'm able to do. I cant' wait to discover the French team and the international level."

In Marcoussis, he will be with his friend Pierre Bourgarit who joined La Rochelle in the same time, and Antoine Dupont. The three players used to play together in the Auch young teams.